Louis Herrin III

Louis Herrin III

Please list and describe your top three priorities.

  1. Crimes, I am for refunding the police, will need to be adding officers not reducing their numbers to city is going.
  2. Homelessness, we need to repealed the open camping ordinance, 
  3. A complete independent city Audit of all their program and constructions project.

If you are a challenger to an incumbent please discuss your priorities and why you think voters should pick you over the incumbent and your other opponents.  

This council plays to special interest groups, it is not looking for the health, safety, and welfare of the common citizens in Austin. They talk about the homeless problem then they turn around and raise people taxes to a point where the people on fix income can no longer afford to live here.

Please discuss your philosophy of a Council Members’ role and responsibility when it comes to ensuring the provision of basic City services to citizens. 

 A city council primary role to assure the health, and safety  of it citizens.

How would you have voted on the police budget that the Council approved in August? If you did vote for it, or would have, please explain your reasoning.  If you would have taken a different approach please explain. 

I would have voted against the defunding of the police, I am with the majority of the citizen is Austin against the defunding.  Austin need to be a leader not a follower in what the other cities are doing,  I do not know what this council thinking, it appears they do not want a police force because they are handicapping the one we got, almost to the point were they are not going to be able to investigate crimes.

Please describe your approach to homelessness. As part of that, state your position on the camping ban, but please do not limit your answer to that.  

For the homeless, who want to better themselves and put skin in the game, I am for working with organizations like Mobile Loaves & Fishes to help people get back on feet and with local business to help train them with a job skill and help them find a job.  The ones with mental health problems we need to be working with the state to help solve these problems. The ones with have drug and/or alcohol problems and they want to kick the habit we need to set up programs like they have in San Antonio. For the ones who want to live off the grid, they did to go somewhere but not Austin.  I am willing to help people who want to help themselves, but not the one who are looking for a free handout.

How would you have voted on the Land Development Code (LDC) that was before the Council on second reading of the LDC — or, if an incumbent, how did you vote? Feel free to elaborate on your position and the approach you would take on the LDC going forward. 

The code as written I would vote against it.  I agree that the building code need to be update and simplify and made easier for the citizen to get building permits.  The part of the code that I oppose is the whole sale reclassification of all of the single family properties this would destroy neighborhoods.

Continuing on the LDC, do you support petition rights for property owners and nearby property owners as prescribed in state law? Would you continue the appeal seeking to overturn the Judge’s ruling which, among other rulings, said that the Council erred in trying to deny appeal rights in the proposed mass upzonings in the LDC? 

I would be on the side of the citizens suing the city on the propose code.

Will you commit to opposing and voting against transition zones – like those in the LDC rewrite — in single family neighborhoods? 


Candidates Greg Casar and Ramesses II Setepenre did not return questionnaires.


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