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The philosophy at The Austin Independent is to always keep the publication available to anyone who wants to access it. It takes money, however, to produce the Independent. So we encourage readers to subsribe and/or to donate more than the subscription price.

The suggested subscription price is $60 per year. On donations larger than that, the Austin Independent will follow the standards of the Independent Nonprofit News (INN) organization and disclose any donations of $5,000 or more.

The majority of funds raised will go to advertising and outreach to increase the Independent’s reach.

If you can subscribe or donate, please do.

For the record donations to The Austin Independent are not tax deductible. As noted in the introductory article to the Austin Independent, after careful consideration it was determined that the Independent would not be a nonprofit, but a private business that is unlikely to make a profit. For one thing this allows broader freedom in editorial content.

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