by Daryl Slusher

In the race for District Attorney Jose Garza is trouncing incumbent Margaret Moore, with 68% of the vote to her 32%. 

Mayor Pro Tem Garza leads Laurie Eiserloh in the County Attorney race with 55% to 45%. 

These totals are made up of the early vote and the mail in vote. Importantly, the early vote reflects the entire county because it comes from people in all voting precincts as opposed to coming from individual precincts in varying parts of the county which might be the strongholds of one or the other candidate. 

The mail in vote also comes from across the entire county but probably skews older because under Texas law only those over 65 automatically qualify for a mail in ballot. So the mail in vote is likely less reflective of the overall vote than the early vote.

All this means that Jose Garza’s lead is insurmountable. In fact Margaret Moore has now conceded. 

Prospects also look very good for Delia Garza, but there it is too early to tell. She won the early vote, but Eiserloh won the mail in vote, probably reflecting an age divide in the race. It will be difficult for Eiserloh to come back, but the difference between the early and election day vote could possibly swing that much. Working against Eiserloh though is the fact that she led Garza by three percentage points in the original primary. Given that Garza is now ahead by 10 points that appears that the momentum in the race is with her. Also working against Eiserloh is that the election day vote will almost certainly have less seniors because many voted by mail.

Stay tuned.

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