Delia Garza is the winner in the Democratic runoff for the County Attorney nomination and her runoff opponent Laurie Eiserlod conceded late last night. There is no Republican opponent so this is the real election.

From Earlier: It is unclear how many votes are still uncounted. Travis County reports that more than 29,000 votes from Election Day have now been counted. Around 6 pm, an hour before the polls closed, County Clerk Dana DeBeauvoir told the American-Statesman that 37,000 people had voted so far on election day. It is unknown how many voted after that, but Garza now leads Laurie Eiserloh by more than 15,000 votes — out of almost 114,000 counted so far. So an Eiserloh comeback looks like a mathematical impossibility, especially since Garza’s lead widened after the early vote.

Ann Howard and Dimple Malhotra maintain their leads respectively in the Democratic runoff for the County Commissioner Precinct 3 seat and County Court at Law #4.

Texas Senate Race

In the Special Election for Texas Senate District 14 Sarah Eckhardt still leads, but, according to the New York Times, she has dropped to 50% with 31% of the vote in. Eddie Rodriguez is at 34%.

Signing off for tonight.

Daryl Slusher

From Earlier: Election day returns are now being released and Mayor Pro Tem Delia Garza has pulled further ahead in the County Attorney race. Garza has gone from 55% in the combined early and mail in vote up to almost 57%. Laurie Eiserloh is just above 43%.

This looks increasingly like a win for Garza, but since precinct by precinct totals are not yet available it is still too early to call from this vantage point.

Daryl Slusher

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