In the Austin City Council races, District 10 incumbent Alison Alter has a narrow lead in the early vote: 51% to 49% for challenger Jennifer Virden. 

Jennifer Virden
Jennifer Virden

Meanwhile in District 6 in northwest Austin, incumbent Jimmy Flannigan trails challenger Mackenzie Kelly in the early vote by 52% to 48%. That total includes figures from Travis County where Kelly is pulling 53.6% and a smaller number of votes in Williamson County where Flannigan is leading with just short of 51%. 

The early vote is usually a sound indicator of the overall vote because it features people from all over each District. So obviously the District 10 race is too close to call. In District 6 Flannigan faces a tougher night of vote counting, but the Independent believes it is far too early to call that one either. Especially in a volatile race like this one the election day vote can sometimes vary more than is normally the case. 

We will have more reports as numbers come in. 

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